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Vancouver is Ghostly

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Welcome to the Ghostly Vancouver Tours blog (or GLOG). In here, we discuss all things haunted about our lovely, and often spooky, city. We share stories from our tours, our personal experiences, and paranormal investigations. All 100% true. It's also a great place to get ghostly advice should you be experiencing anything paranormal.

Halloween is coming up so we'll be also be sharing all the spooky things one can experience in the Lower Mainland. If you want your event to be mentioned, please send us an email.

Finally, a funny note on getting this blog up and running. I'd put off starting it for years. And when I finally began drafting it, I couldn't seem to finish a simple post. Then after a tour one night, I was showing a guest my Ovilus app (sort of like a digital Ouija board). The first word that popped up on the screen was, "Blog." So I said out loud, "Fine, I'll do it this week." And I did (cuz there's nothing worse than a nagging ghost).

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