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Summer Solstice DIY

Get Ready. Because this Wednesday, June 21st, we are hitting Summer Solstice. It happens only once a year, so you better do it rite.

Summer Solstice occurs when the Earth's axis is at its max tilt and creates the longest day of the year. Translated from Latin, it literally means sun standing still. At the moment of solstice (7:57am PT) the sun does indeed sit still over the Tropic of Cancer. It also marks the first day of summer.

Summer Solstice has been celebrated by world cultures throughout history. Traditional gatherings have centered around light, fertility, love, growth, energy, and mystical forces. The day frequently involves singing, dancing, feasts, fire, water and nature. You can model your celebration after the culture of your choice or you can DIY. Consider the following rituals to add to your day.

Releases and Intentions

Think of summer solstice as the beginning of the second half of the year. It's a perfect time to reflect on what's passed and what can come. Here's a sample:

Jars with flames inside
  1. Be grateful for what's passed, but also think about the obstacles you've encountered and what's holding you back

  2. Write down what you need to release from the first six months of the year

  3. Burn the paper to release these burdens

  4. Think about what you would like to achieve for the rest of the year

  5. Write down a couple specific goals (don't dilute with too many)

  6. Bury the paper into the ground or place into a body of water

Feel free to vary the release and intention methods as they feel right to you. Consider adding a sacrifice (not living please) after setting your intention or "wish" as a way to balance the giving and receiving. Advanced intention setting: actually begin something new that day.

Connecting with Nature

Get out there and absorb that solstice energy under the sun!

  1. Go for a hike

  2. Garden

  3. Swim in a natural body of water

  4. Meditate at the beach

  5. Walk barefoot in the grass

Getting into water is a great way to cleanse oneself of old lingering energy and open one's creative flow. And gardening on summer solstice can ensure a good harvest.


Fire juggler

This ritual does require plenty of thought and care. Let's not break any laws, set a forest ablaze or inflict severe burns. Fire has long been a tradition for summer solstice, whether to keep away evil spirits, to symbolize renewal, to heal or purify, or just to celebrate the light. Bonfires are a popular choice: dance around it, sing around it, jump over it (for healing and good luck). Or keep a fire vigil from sundown to the next sunrise. Keep those solstice ashes all year round for protection from misfortune.


Celebrate the abundance of summer and nature. Eat, drink and party with your friends. Play some music, laugh and dance. Stick to food and drink that are locally harvested and made. Leave drinks out for the mystical creatures who live in a nearby wooded area, which may help bring your wishes to fruition. And please, compost.

Woman in flowing dress with arms open on the beach

Dress with Summer Style

Start with a crown of flowers that you make yourself. Wear lots of natural summer colours, and add some shimmering, fiery accents, like gold. Channel Stevie Nicks' flowing style as you dance in the forest or on the beach or in your backyard. Use dress as a way of getting into the solstice spirit and embracing the summer elements.

Create a Summer Altar (and other pagan-like activities)

Incense stick burning in front of an altar

Find a small table and fill it with items that represent sun and summer, such as flowers, herbs, fruits. Incorporate some crystals (e.g. citrine and quartz) to amplify the energy. Burn some incense on the altar. Meditate in front of the altar. Impress your friends by creating charm bags filled with the herbs and crystals to carry around with you for the season. For the advanced worshippers: try some solstice divination with the items on your altar or that flower crown you've been wearing all day.

Some will argue that solstice rituals are best done fully naked. True, fertility rituals have long been associated with the solstice. However, public nudity is still a criminal offense.

Summer is only a short three months and then we sink into growing darkness and cold. But the good news is that we can do whole new set of rituals for Fall Equinox!

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