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Spirited Dining

Our Ghostly Gastown tour features 4 of the most haunted restaurants in Gastown. As a Psychic Medium I want to get to know these ghosts on a more personal level, so how do I do that? By dining at these restaurants before my tours to see if ghosts want to communicate with me. I try to go to a different one each week but sometimes I'll go to the same one a few times.

I've had several intense experiences at both The Old Spaghetti Factory and Steamworks. But one beautiful restaurant was always a bit of a holdout, until recently. Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar is located inside the Waterfront station, one of the most haunted stops on the Ghostly Gastown Tour. When it was a passenger train station (that stopped in 1979 when VIA Rail trains changed to Pacific Central Station), the area that is now Rogue used to be both a waiting area for woman and also a ballroom.

I've dined there a few times with no spirit activity, but finally two weeks ago I felt the spirit of a woman approach me! I got so excited I turned on my my K2 meter, which detects when spirits are around, and it lit up a few times. I always try to sit at the same table in the lounge area which I understand was the waiting area. I was there on my own for about 45 minutes when I received a call from a friend who was upset due to a personal issue. As he was near Rogue I told him to come down and join me. When he arrived, he looked terrible. My K2 meter immediately started to go off. I could feel that the spirit was not happy due to my friend's negative energy. I asked the spirit if they wanted him gone, and the meter went off lol. He witnessed this and asked why the spirit didn't like him. I told him it was only because he came in with a low energy. He decided it was best if he didn't stay, and so he departed. Then I asked the spirit if they could show me if they were still there and recorded their response (below). Enjoy!

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