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Connecting to Guests through Ghosts

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great summer so far. We have been blessed with amazing weather and sunshine as far as the eye can see. These make for some very exciting tours and Friday, August 5 was no exception.

Being the newest tour guide for Ghostly Vancouver Tours I hope the spirits will start to warm up to me like they have to Lydia. Just have to get them used to me and to trust me. I am in their domain after all so I'm looking forward to my own spirit greeting me as I take guests on tours. We have has so many visitors - like New York, Boston, Chicago and LA. Of course we get our locals too. As a psychic medium I have the privilege to hear about guests' personal paranormal experiences without them feeling ridiculed or treated as though what they are experiencing isn't real. Two Fridays ago I had just that...

The guest was an out-of-town Medium who had never been to Gastown before. As we were leaving one of the haunted locations she mentioned that her legs felt quite heavy and that was just the first place we toured! But it wasn't until the end of the tour when she revealed that she felt anxious and overwhelmed by being in such an active place like Gastown. I told her to ground and surround herself by white light, which she did. Other guests start asking things they are curious about, like portals and Angels. We are always happy to answer to the best of our ability.

Psychic Vanesa on tour and connecting to guests
Guide Vanesa connecting with guests

Before the tour my friend and her stepdaughter came to Gastown and I joined them for dinner. I picked the most haunted restaurant in Vancouver, which of course is on tour, and it didn't disappoint. Her stepdaughter is a budding Medium and we both could feel when we were being visited. When you have one Medium present you can feel the random spirit but when two mediums are in the midst, it became a party! One of the spirits we felt was Edward, the little boy ghost that has been seen and felt various times over the last several years. We both felt him at the same time. He sat beside the stepdaughter and stayed for about 5 mins. Then he said he was going to continue on to other patrons' tables at the restaurant. I also felt the spirt of a man approach us. He let me know that he used to be a passenger on this trolley. He thought it was quite comical that his once mode of transportation to work was now in a restaurant with people eating in it. He stayed awhile and then left.

But I would have to say that my biggest satisfaction comes from guests who have experiences like a young lady did this Friday night. As we were standing in front of the Lamplighter Pub she felt a gentle tap on her head. She turned around to see who it was but there was no one there. She thought maybe a tree branch but she was nowhere near one. I could sense her excitement as she was telling me. It's for these reasons I love doing these tours. The guest got an experience and the spirit had a chance to be briefly acknowledged. Now we can't promise that ghosts will make themselves known every tour but we are ok when they do.

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