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Astrological Guide to Halloween Costumes

Updated: Oct 19, 2023


Your energy and drive are second to none. Competition inspires you. You want to be the champ so why not live that dream on Halloween? And don't forget to complain loudly when you don't win Best Costume. It was all rigged anyway...

Suggestions: Rock Star, Pro Athlete, Warrior, Power Ranger


You are grounded and extravagant. You love rich, tactile things, and lots of it. Simplicity is not your style. If you haven't left a trail of feathers or glitter behind, you consider it a costume fail.

Suggestions: Werewolf, Duke/Duchess, Farmer, Green Goddess, Fruit Basket


You're always coming up with complex ideas. You're also a bit of a trickster. So nothing straightforward for you. Something thought provoking, fun, and a bit off. You're not bothered if no one gets it, because you like to explain.

Suggestions: Joker, Cyborg, Writer, Anything Conceptual


You'd rather stay home and bake cookies, maybe even knit, than dress up and go to a party. Then be traditional and comfortable with who you are. Who cares about winning Best Costume when you'll be in bed by 9pm anyway.

Suggestions: Chef, Nurse, Witch, Cowboy, Anything Vintage


Drama is your calling! You need to make an entrance, and your most important element will be a dramatic headpiece. If your costume doesn't get the reaction you desire, you will resort to flashing the audience to win best prize.

Suggestions: Lady Gaga, Influencer, Royalty, Actor


You are pure and simple, mostly. For you costumes should be practical, i.e. something you can use again or already have in your closet. You may even consider a kinky costume, as long as it doesn't stain the towels.

Suggestions: Mechanic, Faerie, Doctor, Furniture


You want to have the cleverest and most aesthetically pleasing costume at the party. But how will you ever decide on one?? Don't worry. Your partner will end up putting together something for you out of sheer exasperation.

Suggestions: Judge Judy, Politician, Modern Princess, Host/Hostess


For you this isn't just fun and games. Because finally, you can transform into a character as dark and twisted as your deepest desires. And it doesn't just stop with the costume...

Suggestions: Vampire, Grim Reaper, Serial Killer, Anything Evil


Your costume must be bold, inspirational, and easy to run in. You always have grand plans for a costume. Too bad you wait until the last minute to execute. But that's okay, you are resourceful enough to pull something off.

Suggestions: Superhero, Guru/Cult Leader, Pirate, Runaway Bride


Time to show the people who's really in charge. Whatever the genre, you're the boss. And being Halloween, you don't have to play nice. Evil rules, as it should.

Suggestions: Devil, Villain, Horrible Boss, Conqueror


You will NOT conform and have the same costume as anyone else. You're inventive, idealistic and trying to save the world in your own way. All your costumes are well documented on social media.

Suggestions: Burning Man, Proton, Alien, Performance Artist


You are a small character in your own elaborate fantasy. Nothing too bold or eye-catching. Until they play your favourite song, then you're on the dance floor working that sheet.

Suggestions: Mildly Scary Ghost, Poseidon, Alice in Wonderland, Invisible Person

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